No Closing Costs Refinance Loans And Mortgages

February 23, 2017

When you take out some kind of borrowing like a mortgage or loan there are many choices on how to raise the finance and one option is to have a no closing cost refinance loan. Simply put, you can choose to pay the required closing costs when you first take out the loan or alternatively you can pay for them throughout the life of the loan.

This method of finance agreement is known by many different terminology but all essentially mean the same thing. You may have heard of “no fee refinances”, “no cost mortgage refinances”, “no cost refinance loans” or sometimes “no cost refinances”. These terms often provoke confusion but be assured they all allude to the same thing – a mortgage refinance agreement which has very small closing charges.

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Making Procurement Strategic by Collaborating with the CFO

September 10th, 2012

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Alan Radding July 18th, 2012

Procurement generally is not considered strategic. Its primary mission is to acquire needed goods at the best price and terms. It can save money, for sure, and it can secure necessary goods and materials that may be in short supply, which might be considered strategic but in general it provides an operations function, a cost-center to be minimized to whatever extent possible.

But that mindset is changing according to a recent study; Reaching New Heights: Dividends of Collaboration between Finance and Procurement, by CFO Research Services in junction with Ariba. Click here to see the study.

Compared to three years ago, the study reports, the procurement function has grown more strategic in the minds of respondents. Nearly 75% see it as becoming more strategic to one degree or another. Overall, the study results suggest